Thursday, March 17, 2011

CB 450 Project

Been neglecting the fo-fitty but that's all about to change. Spent the afternoon on Monday taking inventory of what I have and figuring out where to start. Plan is to roll with a cafe inspired build and the start point is definitely going to be getting the motor running. New carbs are in the plan as well in addition to ripping out the airbox and moving the battery out of its current location. I also want to move the foot pegs into a more aggressive position similar to my Thruxton and replace the seat with one of these. Here's a few pictures of the bike in its current state:

Here's a few pictures of the engines. I actually have two 450 engines at the moment; the original '72 engine and an engine off a '74 CB 450 I picked up through a local cycle salvage yard. The problem is both have top end damage so I can't build one running engine with what I have. We're going to go with newer engine as its in overall better condition than the original. The plan is to bore it out .25 bigger and since we have it apart, do some head work to clean up the crap on the valves. I'm sure the plan will change as we get into it but at least we have a starting point.

I'll post more pictures as we make progress...

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