Friday, March 4, 2011

So whats this all about?

This isn't a "movement" nor is it a CPA's midlife crisis. We're just a bunch of guys who enjoy riding and wrenching on motorcycles. Some of us met though the bicycle community here in Orlando and our love of two wheels naturally segued over to motorcycles. A few came from the scooter & moped side of the fence and yet a few others from the local hardcore scene. Some of us ride bobbers, some of us cafe racers; some ride jap bikes and others ride American and British iron. Some of us know a lot about these machines and some of us know very little. We're far from being "purists" except when it comes to the pursuit of hauling ass on Floridas open country roads. Regardless of all the differences in our group we all share one basic tenet; nemo relictus or no man left behind...

So why 407autobike?
Since the majority of us ride Japanese bikes, Kevin and I wanted to pay tribute to the japanese motorcycle tradition; especially the bikes of the early and late 70's. A good friend of ours Andrew Curry, used to live in Japan and is quite fluent in Japanese. Kevin asked him what the word for motorcycle is and Andrew told us its Ootobai. He mentioned that if you think about it, it's kind of like saying "Auto-Bike". The peculiarity of the word stuck in our minds to the point of an OCD fixation that we just decided to use it for the name of the blog. So yeah its not some crazy or overcomplicated play on words, we just liked how it sounded...

So what are you going to blog about?
Honestly, we dont know... This is something that developed organically out a small Facebook group Owen started a while back. We have no massive plans for global domination nor am I trying to replicate the 407fixedgear project I started back in 2007. This is just a place where we're going to post about rides, pictures/videos, projects and builds we're currently working on. There's really no guideline as to what kind of content will get posted here as its pretty much up to our whims on this. Eventually we are going to move over to a more permanent and custom blog solution but for the moment, this is our home on the web.

Feel free to look around and comment. Keep a eye out for rides we post and if you want to join in, go for it. All we ask is that you don't be a dick. Also, don't show up on some ridiculously stretched out hayabusa or something similar. It's not anything personal, we're just primarily into vintage inspired bikes and don't get into that aspect of motorcycle culture. That said if you do have one and its in need of repair, Kevin is one versatile and bad ass mechanic and can fix it when your "mods" fuck things up...

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