Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Ride

Took a ride out the beach to get some lunch. Rode out to JB's Fish Camp and got some fried fish and gator...

Celebratory brews at Redlight Redlight. Good ride as always!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Riding into History

Roy sent over some pictures he took of the Riding into History Event in St Augustine this past weekend. Looks like it was packed...

View the rest here

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Clash - Sandanista

Still a damn good album...


Went out yesterday afternoon for a few by myself. Wanted to check out some of the roads out west of Windemere, north of Disney. I had heard from a couple of friends who ride sport bikes about a few roads out there that let you open up the motorbike. I took I-4 to Conroy Exit in order to save some time and then rode into Windemere on Conroy Windemere Road. Once you get past Windemere, the area back there is typical Central Florida surburban wasteland. You know the deal, gated golf communities, strip malls and 35 mph speed limits.

Once you get past suburbia things really open up. Out here its now more along the lines of the country roads you usually encounter in Florida once you get out of the urban areas. Avalon is a good road with very little traffic that lets you open up the throttle and hit some good speed. It has a nice sharp left hander that really forces you to lean into it. Continuing south on CR 545 leads you to Porter Rd and this is where things get interesting. After the first big right on Porter, the road stretches out for a good bit and lets you open up the bike. No traffic at all (yesterday at least) and it has one long sweeping left you can drop the throttle on. Here's a few pictures of Porter to give you an idea.

Porter leads you around to Reams Road which again lets you continue south. Quite a few good curves on this road with a particularly wicked s-curve portion which really forces you to throw your bike around. The condition of the road on this stretch is very good but there is a bit more traffic on this road so you cant open it up like you can on Porter and Avalon.

Continued on Reams which dumped me out on to Winter Garden Vineland Rd (CR 535) which if you follow south, leads you out towards one of the Disney I-4 exits (forget which one exactly). I took I-4 back into downtown and called it a day...

All in all a dope ride and by looking at the map, there's still quite a few roads out there left to explore. Going to try and make it out again in a few weeks...

Happy Monday Morning

Something colorful to start your week...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh snap!

Came across this newer road while exploring the area west of Windemere. Very fast stretch with a couple of sweeping left / right turns. Easy to hit a ton and nothing out there at the moment so there's very little traffic...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zippo nostalgia

Great article over at the selvedge yard about Zippos and the symbols they became to a generation of men who fought in the Vietnam conflict. Having several uncles and cousins who served in this conflict, this story resonated with me in a big way as it reminded me of them and the stories they used to tell me about their experiences. These lighters became an integral ink link to their lives previous to the war and I remember a couple of them still carried them when I used to see them as a kid...

From the article:
"For our soldiers in Vietnam, something so honest and everyday as a lighter became a powerful token of pre-war life, and a way to express their frustration, fears, and loathing over the war. These young men were sent into Charlie’s jungle to fight an invisible enemy, over a conflict that many didn’t trust or understand– and about the only items they could take with them from civilian life were a wristwatch and a lighter. The Zippo became a symbol of their souls."

read the full article here