Monday, September 12, 2011

Who the fuck is this chicken head?

So I as I mentioned a week ago, I received my goods from the boys over at VNM. If you've been out of the loop and you're not familiar with VNM, VNM is an apparel company started by a group of artists based in the eastern United States. Their designs are wicked and evokes a motorcycle-inspired / early 80's hardcore look and feel which really tends to resonate with me. The artwork is straight up quality and the ink color choices enhance the artwork nicely.

So I received 3 t-shirts from VNM; Positive Youth, Hellhound and War Pigeon. All 3 of the designs stand out in a crowd and grab people's attention. Case in point; I wore the Positive Youth shirt on a lunch run to Whole Foods and was asked about it no less than 4 times while there. These designs grab your attention and you're bound to turn heads when you wear these out; even without the chicken head mask.

These bad boys are silk screened, no cheap heat transfer shit and the colors used in the designs offer plenty of contrast against the t-shirts. War Pigeon is one of my favorites because of the orange ink used but all of the ones I saw came out very well done in terms of printing. Hellhound in particular is a bitchin' long sleeve that's going to be perfect for motorcycle rides once fall starts setting in. The t-shirts are a bit of a baggier fit in the midsection than your typical American Apparel (good for hiding the spare tire around your waist) but they do run a bit smaller than your average shirt. I usually wear a Large but had to go with the XL in this case.

All in all a killer first run from this new company. They had to deal with distribution issues earlier in the year but these have been sorted out and orders have been shipping for a while now. I saw a sneak peek of the follow up line due next year and they're continuing the momentum set by this first line. I highly recommend you pick one up because these bad boys are sure to run out...

Check out the full line at the VNM Store.

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