Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Run to the coast

Rode out to the east coast with some of the boys just for the hell of it. Destination was Moonlight Drive-In in Titusville but turned out they were closed. Decided to hit a BBQ joint we saw on the way in instead. The food there was "meh" but the ride there and back was tits. Got a little wet but nothing to really complain about. Good times!

Hill climbing

swiped off Kustom King...

Wednesday Cheesecake - Vacation Edition

No witty caption, just whoa... swiped off B Vocabulary...

Staged but still funny

Friday, December 14, 2012

Carter Bros Garage

I know I'm almost a week late but I'm all TCB in this bitch trying to get the all the crap that needs to get done before I go on vacation...

It was a great ride out to Carter Bros Garage even though the little ripper acted up during the first part of it. It was a combination of things but a big part of it was the clutch cable was on way too freaking tight. Once we got there the Bros had some BBQ and drinks for us to enjoy and they let us wander about gawking at all kinds of amazing motorcycles. It was pretty awesome talking with some of these guys as they are a wealth of knowledge on these vintage rides. Amazing location and the hospitality was unmatched. I think the magazine got quite a few shots as well so all in all it was a great day. Here's a few pictures I snapped.

Click on picture for larger view

Damn good ride with solid peeps. Thanks again Carter Bros!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Busy as fuck this week

Been slammed at work and working out the bugs on the Honda before tomorrows ride. Clutch cable is in and I'm a go. Cant wait to log some good uninterrupted miles with the lil ripper...

In case you didn't see it before, Cafe Moto is riding out to Carter Bros Garage tomorrow. Et Cetera Magazine is riding along to take pictures for an upcoming article they are working on highlighting the Vintage scene here in Orlando. If you have a vintage ride, make sure you show up. Should be a lot of fun...


Monday, December 3, 2012

Runnin' with the devil

Took the lil ripper out for a few this saturday. Here's a few pictures before the clutch cable snapped on me...