Monday, January 7, 2013

Highway to hell

Two Stroke Taco Alan and I planned to ride out with the Cafe Moto group this Saturday but it seems like fate had something different in mind for us that day. We missed the main group when they left at 11 am and decided to meet them at the ride destination (JB's Fish Camp). We headed out and on the way heard from Brendon that he had some issues with his bike on Osteen Maytown road and they had stopped to try to remedy them. By the time we got to Osteen for a quick gas stop, Brendon told me that it turns out he blew out a ring and was bleeding oil like a stuck pig. PJ was headed to pick him and his moto up but the main group continued out to JB's.

We hit Osteen Maytown Rd and starteed on to JB's. About halfway through, Alans throttle cable snapped forcing us to stop. The Limey MacGyver diagnosed the situation and figured out a work around that would let him limp home with the broken throttle cable. We decided to call it a day and head home as it seemed the gremlins were working against all of us...

Even with all that, it was still a good ride...

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