Thursday, June 6, 2013


Made some nice progress this morning. Got the carbs back from PJ last night. He even did me a solid nd polished them up a bit. Looking all bling and shit now. I installed the carbs and moved on to the battery box.

There's no way the pods are going to fit with the stock box and since I bought a much smaller battery, it needed to be modified in order to work. Applying Ockams Razor to this problem, instead of fabricating something from scratch I basically cut the bottom of the battery box and then cut out the extra parts of the frame in order to shorten it up.

Its a perfect fit and now there's no guessing how to mount it on to the frame. All that's left to do is tack the bottom on to the battery box frame and we should be good to go. We'll see how much tuning I'll have to do to the carbs. I'm stocking up on spark plugs for the time being...

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