Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chrome De Haro Jacket Review

Living here in Florida, we tend to get subjected to rain pretty much on a daily basis in the summer. As a result most of us tend to carry some sort of rain protection as you never know when you're going to need it. A couple of months ago, Chrome Industries put out a press release for their De Haro jacket and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them. I've been putting it through its paces the last few months both on my bicycle and motorcycle in addition to basic every day use. Here's a few of my thoughts on the jacket.

Basically, the De Haro is a well designed, lightweight jacket with quite a few cool features that makes it rather functional. The design approach is one based on simplicity; straight and to the point with nothing one would deem unnecessary. The front has two chest pockets (field jacket style) that will hold basic items; shit like your smart phone, smokes, drivers license or a set of dice for that impromptu game of craps. While there are no side pockets, they did include a large rear pocket that works quite well. Think ala cycling jersey.

The material the De Haro is made of is lightweight, windproof and water resistant. This is works out really well because it makes the jacket easy as a fuck to pack. Seriously, I was able to fold this up so tightly I never had issues finding place to store it when I wasn't using it. That said, keep in mind that it is somewhat water resistant and NOT waterproof. It did a good job in drizzle / light rain situations but the one time I got caught in a heavy downpour, it soaked straight through. The upside was it did dry really fast.

A few other features that made this jacket pretty tits: velcro cuffs that allow you to adjust the cuffs, double zippers on the side of the jacket that let you adjust to a variety of temps (especially useful here). There's no lining or anything of the sort but it will get pretty hot if you're doing any kind of physical activity, such as riding a bicycle. Personally I found it a bit too hot for use in the summer months on a bicycle but I'm sure when temps cool down a bit, this will be on heavy rotation. On a motorcycle it was perfect for the rain showers we're always dodging. The only issue I came across dealt with the hood and how would flap in the wind. I found that if I put the hood on and then my helmet on top of it, it cut down on the flapping and added a bit of rain protection to my neck.

So lets talk about the fit; its not roadie racer tight but its also not stupid baggy. In fact I found it to be very comfortable in terms of how it fit. The arms are nicely tapered so it reduces the flappy arm effect of other similar jackets. This flappy arm crap was one of the things I hated about the North Face jacket I was using. One of my favorite aspects of the jacket was that the torso was cut longer than most. This was no doubt to help make it a good fit for taller folks so it covers your back when on a bicycle (makes sense as its primarily a cycling jacket). I do recommend that if you are portlier than most, you go up a size than you normally wear due to its somewhat "slim" fit.

Overall, I found the De Haro to be a good everyday jacket with uses outside of cycling. It has a nice stylish cut that doesn’t look out of place and its lightweight material makes it easy to pack and store. Makes for a good "just in case" jacket when out on the bike.

Chrome Industries De Haro Jacket

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