Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saturday Maintenance on the Mamba

So I was able to accomplish a couple of cosmetic changes last week; bars and seat. With a little help from Yardley and his drill, I was able to install the seat rather easily. Hardest part was drilling a hole in the fender. I went with the Old Gold Garage Cobra King and was impressed with the craftsmanship of the seat. I found it very comfortable, in particular for a thin seat but its a safe bet most passengers won't agree. I also switched out the Biltwell Chumps that came on it with Zeds instead.

On Saturday KTB offered to help me with the carb tuning. The bike was rather "cold blooded"; particularly when it first starts. It used to pop and wheeze until it warmed up a bit. When I bought it I never asked the previous owner whether or not he adjusted the the carb when he installed the aftermarket air filter and exhaust. Based on what it was doing, it made sense to start by looking at the carb.

When we went to adjust the air fuel ratio adjustment screw, we noticed that the factory cover was still intact. Once we drilled through and were able to access the adjustment screw, we noticed that the screw was set all the way in. So we made a small adjustment to the fuel air ratio (one full turn for the time being), installed new plugs and added a shim to the needle. We put everything back together and fired it up. It now starts up much quicker and runs much better. There's still some popping here and there when its cold but once it's warmed up there's no hesitation or wheezing when the throttle is turned.

Up next, ride it for 300-400 miles and check the plugs to see where we're at with the adjustment. I'm also doing an oil change and plan to switch out the brake pads. The oil looks like its been changed recently and the brake pads have some life in them but I want to go ahead and get these two little items out of the way before I do anything else. Long range plan is to eventually mount some new tires and convert it from belt to chain drive.

In the meantime, I'm riding the hell out of it! Feels really nice to have a bigger bike again...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Say Hello to Black Mamba

Got myself a new little project; codename Black Mamba. It's a 2002 Sportster 883 that's had the 1200 conversion done on it. Really stoked to finally own a Harley. Have a lot of plans in store for this gal; first up new seat and handlebars along with a carb tune up. More pictures to come...